Our Story

We, Tampa Bay Carpet Repair, came into existence due to advances in technology, and learning how to do business right over the course of a few lifetimes, when considering our small team’s collective experience. We realized that we have quite a valuable service to offer, and can provide this service at good, fair rates by doing a few things differently, so we launched.

We do not have a brick-and-mortar shop because the overhead is unnecessary, therefore enabling us to provide the above mentioned good, fair prices. We are based on where our guys can drive to without having to charge any sort of trip fee, therefore enabling us to operate in the fashion that we do.

Our office team has been handling administrative end of carpet repair and cleaning services for over a decade, and pride themselves on being some of the best customer service representatives you will encounter nowadays. Our technicians in the field, who come to your home, also pride themselves on being some of the best in the business. And with their combined 20+ years of experience, they are. 

How We Operate

Whether its over the phone, texting back and forth, or via email, we begin with asking a few simple questions, so we can figure out what questions we need to ask next. If your carpet is damaged, do you have carpet for us to do patchwork with? If you need stretching, which rooms and is there furniture in them? Etc. Once we square away scope of work, plus any other necessary details pertaining to completion of work, we give you a range we think cost will be around.

If it sounds like we can help you out well, and you like what you hear, we schedule a service request. When we arrive, we assess your situation, and let you know how we think your job will turn out. At this time, we also provide firm estimate. If you like what you hear, we get to work immediately.

If we assess your situation, and repairs or cleaning are not going to be a good fix for you, we will not proceed.  Delivering anything to you that will leave you unsatisfied is not fair to you, so it’s a no-go for us. If we provide a firm estimate that you do not accept, we understand. When we come out to hopefully perform work for you, and it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, we are taking off at no charge to you.

Hopefully, everything does work out and we get to eliminate your need for why you found us in the first place! Upon job completion, any payment method to Tampa Bay Carpet Repair is just fine. We understand some customers want to pay with cash, some with check, and some with credit card of choice because they want to maximize their rewards! Also hopefully, you see the value in our straight forward approach to showing you what you can expect from us. If it sounds like we might be a good fit for you, please reach out anytime!

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