Call or Text Today to Find Out How Soon We Can Arrive!

If your eyes can’t see our map, or if you are close to our highlighted service areas, please call or text today to find out if we can drive out to you! If you are within our¬†highlighted service areas, we can typically schedule for within 3-4 days of service request, and many times sooner!
We truly are Tampa Bay Carpet Repair. We don’t go much past Land O’ Lakes and New Port Richey to the north, nor much further south after Sarasota. Valrico is about as far east as we go, and of course,¬†everything in between these points to the west, all the way to the coast, is our territory. Please see map below for details.

We are able to cover the entire Tampa Bay area while keeping costs fair, because again, we do our best to perform estimate and work in one trip. Two trips are inevitable sometimes, and we understand this, so it’s no problem when this situation occurs. Considering how we do not charge you if we can’t proceed for any reason upon our assessment, we have no qualms with driving out multiple times to same location when necessary. And it won’t break your bank. Because when we say we have Tampa Bay covered well, we mean it more than just geographically. Please let us know if you have any questions!