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We usually perform carpet cleaning for customers of ours that have us out to do repair work at the same time. Or that fell in love with us when we were out there performing repairs in the past. If you only need cleaning though, please call or text today to see what we can do for you!
We can’t compete with companies that only perform carpet cleaning. They specialize in volume, we specialize in carpet repair. We do provide fair prices though, for excellent service and well-performed cleaning. Best of all, we provide something most carpet cleaning companies can’t: repairing and cleaning at the same time, usually stretching.

Being able to move your belongings around once, as opposed to twice, is why we offer cleaning. Besides because we can deliver quality cleaning in the first place. Again, if you are strictly looking for a cleaning discount deal, we are not the company for you. On that note, when we are already on job site to perform repair work, we can offer a better deal for cleaning, than if you had us come out for cleaning only.

We feel and think that using a truck-mounted steam cleaning system is the best clean you can give to a carpet, when available. Sorry condos and apartments not on first floor, and even some of you, because our hoses will just not reach. We do not have any portable cleaning systems to use instead for these situations, so unfortunately, we can’t take on such jobs.

The reason we recommend truck-mounted steam cleaning is because it provides the deepest possible clean. Literally, it has the strongest ability to penetrate your carpet, and get loose any dirt that has settled into it. As long as technician rinses carpet well without use of too much water, your carpet stays safe and the largest possible amount of dirt is removed, when compared to other cleaning methods. Although we do have the ability to clean area rugs, you are probably better off calling an area rug specialist for any area rug cleaning. We are available for area rug cleaning if you find yourself in a pinch, but no matter the size, we have a $150 minimum. Any further questions, please ask!